How to Join

1. For DEGO stakers, please stake $DEGO before the snapshot time: Staking Snapshot Time: 12:00(noon), JAN 3 UTC Time.

Your current level will be displayed. For level rules, click here ⬇️

  1. Subscription: Please deposit 0.02 ETH and wait for the calculation process to complete.

  1. Calculation (Lottery Result + NFT Claim): Verify if you're the winner and claim the NFT within the given time.

  1. To get more details, click on "Check NFT". You can stake the NFT for $BNAN or trade the NFT on marketplaces.

  • Exchange: Market vouchers can be exchanged for $BNAN tokens.

  • Trade: You can also trade market vouchers on NFT marketplaces.

  1. Exchange your NFTs for $BNAN by clicking "Exchange" > "Submit ".

6. Enter a BTC Taproot Address starting with "bc1p".

  1. Connect to BRC20 and claim IDO tokens by clicking "Claim".

8. Click 'Claim' to finalize the process and congratulations, you have successfully completed the IDO!

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