How to Stake

1. To join the event, log in to and click on "Delta" or enter

2. Staking: In this stage, you can continue to stake: Add tokens, pick the duration, and configure data.

3. Harvest: This action allows users to withdraw their earnings only without withdrawing their staked assets or NFTs. Users can claim the rewards generated by their staked assets without unstaking them.

4. Withdraw: This action allows users to withdraw their NFTs and earnings together. This means they are taking out their staked assets and any rewards earned.

5. Early Withdrawal Fee: Now, let's go over the penalties associated with unstaking:

Contract Address

BNB Chain:

RewardPool: 0x832cD740EfbEb140F831be25c39B19d2b0858323

DEGO token :0x3Da932456D082CBa208FEB0B096d49b202Bf89c8

Ethereum Chain:


DEGO token :0x3Da932456D082CBa208FEB0B096d49b202Bf89c8

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